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Nature & Animals

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Day: 1 Arrival of Myanmar ( L ) 

After arriving at Mae Sai, a border town, your local expert from Immersive Golden Land Travels will escort you to Thailand and Myanmar border of Tachileik where you will cross into Myanmar by land. Once in Myanmar, a van will be waiting for you to transport you to Kengtung the capital of the Eastern Shan State. The drive is 3.5 hours enabling you to view the lush landscape and small villages along the way. It will be a fun ride as your van moves in and out on the mountain road. You will make a few stops to visit local houses and have lunch on the way to Kengtung.

You will reach Kengtung in the early evening. Refreshments will be waiting for you at the hotel, and you will be able to walk through the small town to have your first dinner of local Burmese food and gain a feeling of what life in a small town is like.


Overnight in Kengtung, Myanmar 


Day: 2 Explore the Town of Kengtung ( B/ L ) 


After breakfast at the hotel, you will have a quick introduction of Myanmar culture, custom, and history by an Immersive Golden Land Travels expert. Then, you will spend time exploring Kengtung with a guide who will explain cultural nuances.

Your first stop will be a very old spiritual tree where people come to worship and pray based on their beliefs. We then continue to the golden pagoda of Wat Jom Kham, to explore this spiritual temple and enjoy a local lunch. After lunch, we will visit a family that for many generations has run a blacksmith business. This visit will show you how the local blacksmith process works and give you a chance to understand how family life takes place.  We then return back to your hotel to relax and freshen up.

In the evening, we head to Naung Tong Lake. It is the only place where people come to exercise and relax with others in a friendly community atmosphere.  Dinner will be at a nearby restaurant and followed by returning to your hotel for a good night’s rest.


Overnight in Kengtung, Myanmar


Day: 3 Visit  Colorful Village Hill Tribes ( B/ L ) 


After breakfast at the hotel, we head out to visit the colorful Kengtung market. This is a large market where you can see a variety of hill tribes who bring their farm products, local handicrafts, and fabric to sell and buy. This will be a great place for photographing, buying gifts and learning more about the tribes and their history.  Afterward, we drive 45 minutes out of the town where your trekking point begins. You will trek until reaching the hill tribes of the Lahu and Akha villages. Once we reach the hill tribe villages, you will have lunch at a local house, then visit a nearby school, and tribal farms all while making friends with the villagers and learning about their daily routines. It will be a day you will never forget.

After exploring the villages, we will trek back to the car as the sun begins to set allowing you to capture the views of the beautiful landscape in the golden light of dusk, and a good time for capturing stunning photographs. Once we get back to the hotel, dinner will be served and allow you time to relax and reflect on the day.


Overnight in Kengtung, Myanmar


Day: 4  Fly From Kyaing Tong to Kalaw ( B / L ) 

After having breakfast at the hotel, you will leave for the airport to fly to Kalaw. Once you have landed at Heho Airport, the gateway of Southern Shan State, you will be driven, in a 40-minute trip to the small town named Kalaw. Kalaw was once a British retreat town when the British fully inhabited Myanmar. Once you reach Kalaw, you will check into your hotel and have a chance to freshen up before the evening’s activities.  

In the evening we will walk through the town, stopping at the evening market where you will have fun selecting your dinner menu. Then we return to the hotel for an early bedtime tuck-in to recharge for the next day’s full list of activities.  


Overnight in Kalaw, Myanmar


Day: 5 Visit Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp (B/L ) 

After having breakfast at the hotel, you will take a van for a 45-minute ride to visit Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp.  This camp rescues Asian elephants who have had a difficult life, but now they have been rescued and are now retired to live their lives in peace. The mission of this camp is conservation and to allow visitors an opportunity to learn more about elephants, their livelihood, behaviour, health and more.  There is no elephant riding, as the goal is to introduce a life of calmness for the elephants and have guests come to understand the wonder of Asian elephants.  

The camp was founded in 2011 by a family with a history of working with elephants in the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE). Their focus is primarily providing care for elephants that are no longer able to work in Government logging. The family realized that Myanmar elephants working in timber camps were in a precarious situation as logging slows down due to a variety of factors. Another reason for starting Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp was the desire to educate and share information with both local residents and foreign visitors. Meet with the founder of this camp and have a conversation to learn more detail about their projects.

Once you meet with camp founders, then explore to see how the elephants are kept.  See elephants bath, feed them, visit a clinic to meet with animal doctors to discuss how elephants are medically treated. Then have lunch at the camp which is cooked by the camp’s community.  Afterward, we head back to the hotel to relax. In the evening we will take a little walk to have dinner.  


Overnight in Kalaw, Myanmar


Day: 6 Hiking Kalaw to Inle Lake ( B/ L / D ) 

Starting today, you will trek for two nights and three days, your destination being Inle Lake. After breakfast, a local transport van will transfer you to the start of your trekking point just outside of Kalaw which has the most stunning trek routes in all of the country. This is will be one of the highlights in your journey as you will trek through mountains, seeing vegetable fields, rice fields, countless buffaloes working on the farms and meeting many warm faces of various ethnic minorities.  You will have a chance to stop and chat with the locals and see how they live and work. Make sure to bring your camera.

The hike is expected to take 4 to 6 hours per day. Please keep in mind that for any reason you decide you do not want to trek, or start trekking and decide to stop, we will arrange a car to be ready to drive you to our first place of lodging.  

The first village you will call your temporary home, after trekking, is located in the La Mine village. You will be able to relax, meet with the people in the village and make friends with grandparents, children and entire families. Dinner will be special as you will eat in a local house cooked by the villagers. All food is guaranteed to be safe and healthy.  You will go to bed early, recharging yourself for the next day’s trek.


Overnight in the village 


Day: 7 Hike Village to Village ( B/ L / D ) 

Wake up early as the locals do and have breakfast, then start to trek until reaching the next village where lunch will be served. Relax before continuing for the last three hours of trekking to the next village where you will have your final night. Once here you will have the chance to play sports with the children or investigate the village homes. This will be followed by watching the setting sun before dinner, then retiring for bed getting a good night’s sleep.


Overnight in the village


Day: 8 Hiking to Inle Lake ( B / L ) 

Wake up early before the sun gets hot to reach the final destinate of beautiful Inle Lake. Expect four hours of trekking to reach Inle Lake. Once you arrive at the foot of the mountain in Inle, you will have lunch and then take a private boat to cross the lake to your hotel. 

Once you arrive at the hotel, you will be able to relax and freshen up before heading out to have total relaxation of a Burmese traditional massage. Once relaxed, it will be time for a late dinner in town and then back to your hotel for a restful slumber.


 Overnight in Inle, Myanmar


Day: 9 Explore Market, Visit an Elementary School and Dog Rescue Sanctuary ( B / L ) 

After waking up in the late morning, you will explore the Nyaung Shwe market where you will have traditional Shan noodles for breakfast. You will have time to explore this market as it will differ greatly in the items you will have seen earlier in your trip.  At this time you will be able to purchase a few school supplies, like pencils and writing pads, to give to a local elementary school you will visit in the evening. This school was started by two Australian women who saw the need for a rural village school to help children and the community.

Once finished visiting the market, we will proceed to the Naung Shwe Dog Rescue Sanctuary where over five hundred dogs have been saved.  Most of the dogs were once stray dogs gathered from the town and nearby. Now, these dogs have a better life. You will have the opportunity to meet the founder and learn the interesting story of how she created the rescue, and how she is working to educate the community to keep homeless and abandon dogs safe. After visiting this camp, you will return to your hotel to relax.

In the late afternoon, you will have lunch at a local restaurant, then head out to a local school on a bicycle.  You will have fun biking, as it will allow you to take the backroads. Because the school is far from town, it does not get to receive much attention and struggles to give poor children access to education.  When there you will have a conversation with the headmaster and have a chance to interact with the children. They will love the opportunity to try their English with you or recite what they have learned. After this visit, we will continue cycling to a winery where you will have dinner and taste some of the best wine in the country.


Overnight in Inlay, Myanmar


Day: 10 Full-Day Touring on Inle Lake ( B / L ) 

Today is a big day. You will spend the day on your private long boat exploring the magic of Inle Lake. Therefore you will wake up early and leave the hotel after having breakfast as you do not want to miss the morning rotation market where the tribes from nearby come to sell and buy their farm products. This is unlike other markets you have seen throughout in this trip as this market is full of treasures, colorful clothing, and a multihued of ethnic diversity all in one location. Spend time exploring the market, taste some of the local snacks and sweet tea,  buy unique handcrafted items as take-home gifts for yourself or others.  

Following this market, you will experience the floating gardens and villages to see how people work on the water. Have the opportunity to visit people’s homes, meet people learning the technique of making floating gardens and how they farm on the water. Continue exploring Inle watching villagers in their silver workshops, blacksmith dens,  lotus and silk weaving centers and more.

Once you have experienced how local products are made and handcrafted, have lunch and then take a quick visit to the important temple of Phaung Daw Oo   As the locals like to say, a trip to Inle would not be complete unless you visit this temple. Afterward, return to your hotel to refresh and have dinner.


Overnight in Inle, Myanmar


Day: 11 Fly from Inle to Mandalay ( B/ L ) 

Today you will have an easy morning.  After breakfast, you will leave for Heho Airport fly to the city of Mandalay the second largest city in the country. Once you land in Mandalay follow by lunch, then drive directly to your hotel for taking a break to avoid the afternoon heat.

 In the evening you will be heading to a bridge which the world’s longest wooden bridge named  U Bein, it is 1.2km long. Once you reach at the end you will be taking a private canoe boat watching for the sunset set on the lake. Afterwards, return to your hotel and have dinner at the hotel. 

Overnight in Mandalay, Myanmar


Day:12  Mandalay –  An Island ( B/ L / D ) 


After having breakfast at the hotel we will drive to the Mayachan boat jetty to catch your private boat to Mingun situated on the other side of the Irrawaddy River to explore the country largest unfinished temple and world’s largest un-cracked ringing bell.  Then we continue to sail to Myay Zon village where you will have the opportunity to explore, meet with villagers to learn how the mighty Irrawaddy River influences their lives.

After Mingun your boat will travel to an island where you will spend the night. The evening will begin with a bonfire while having  dinner which is a common tradition of the local river villagers.


Overnight on the boat 


Day: 13  Irrawaddy Freshwater Dolphins  – Mandalay ( B / L ) 

After lunch, jump into a small boat with local fishermen to search for the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins. The dolphins are rare because they are found in only three rivers in the world, the Irrawaddy River (Myanmar), the Mahakam (Indonesian Borneo) and the Mekong (Vietnam).  It is also rare because it has been identified as an Endangered Species.

Observing these exclusive mammals in its natural environment will be a rare sight. It joins the ranks of the shark and the sea turtle as some of the oldest creatures on Earth.

While looking for the dolphins you will watch the unique fishing methods used to call the dolphins by the fisherman passed down from generation to generation.  A remarkable effort by the organization: World Wildlife Fund (WWF ) who work with the fisherman to create a viable habitat where fisherman and dolphins can live in harmony. This adventure offers you a remarkable example of symbolism between man and nature, how they must live together allowing the other to survive.

Afterward, you will slowly boat back to Mandalay enjoying the view of the city from the water. Once back at your hotel you will relax before heading out for dinner at a special restaurant which includes a traditional Myanmar show for your enjoyment.


Overnight in Mandalay, Myanmar


Day: 14  Mandalay – Home ( B ) 

As this is your last day with Immersive Golden Land Travels program we will transport you to the Mandalay International Airport. If anyone on the program would like to stay on your own or would like to travel to other countries in Southeast Asia we are happy to help, assist or advise you.

We say ‘Tar Tar’ which is: ‘good-bye’ in Burmese. Have a safe flight to go back home and we hope to see and serve you again.

Program Includes

  • Accommodation of 3 star hotel for 13 nights
  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch and dinner includes as mentioned in the program.
  • All entrance fees as stated in the itinerary
  • Costs for all ground transportation as listed in the itinerary
  • Costs for all activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Full time tour guide

Program Excludes

  • International airfares
  • Domestic Airfares
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses such as phone bill, laundry, snack, tips and so on
  • Things are not listed at “program includes

Note: Our goal is to provide you with the most rewarding experience as we outlined for the daily activities and times in the itinerary but Immersive Golden Land Co,.Ltd reserve the right to cancel your program or alteration activities and program can be substituted for your safety reason vary due to unpredictable weather and local circumstances.

Terms & Conditions


Rate: All rates at IGL are non commissionable, and they are already included 10% service charge & 5% of government tax.


Payment: IGL requests prepayment for all bookings. Full payment needs to be made 30 days before the programs start.


Child Policy: IGL provides 100% Free Of Charge (FOC) for child under the age of 2. And we charge 75% for child (usually under the age of 8) who could stay with parents sharing a bed for accommodation.


Complimentary: IGL provides 1 FOC to a program leader for a group of minimum 15 Pax.


Cancellation & No show: Cancellation must be made 30 days before the programs start, otherwise IGL has the right to charge cancellation as follow;

1). Within 30 – 15 days, before the program start, would be charged 25%

2). Within 14 – 8 days, before the program start, would be charged 50%

3). Within 7 days, before the program start, would be charged 100%

4). No show would be charged 100%

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