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Impacting Lives & Culture

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Day (1) Arrival of Myanmar ( D )

After landing at Yangon airport, your local expert will meet and transfer you to your hotel. No activities are scheduled for this day, allowing you to relax for the week’s activities. Dinner will be served at the hotel.      

Overnight: Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar


Day (2) Explore Yangon Lives, Dela island & Shwe Dagone Pagoda ( B / L ) 


After having breakfast at your hotel, you will be briefed with an introduction about Myanmar culture and customs.  Your Immersive Golden Land Travels’ local expert will take you for a morning walking excursion of Yangon which will include a tour of British colonial architecture.

Following your walk, take a public boat to cross the Yangon River for a 15-minute ride to the island of Dela. This little island is just a mile away from Yangon city but the lives of people who live here are different than in Yangon. Wander around this little town to explore the fishing villages, monastic school, local wet market, and bamboo weavings.

Afterward, you will return to your hotel to escape the afternoon heat then head out to visit the world-renowned pagoda named: Shwedagon Pagoda. According to historians and legends, the Pagoda was built 2500 years ago. It is important as a religious site for worshiping but also for its 6th century and the 21st-century mixture of artwork which can still be viewed. 


Overnight: Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar 


Day (3) Fly Yangon to Loikaw ( B / L ) 


After breakfast, you drive to the Yangon airport to fly to Loikaw the capital city of the State of Kayah. This Kayah State is the original birthplace of the Kayan Tribe also known as the ‘long neck people’. Once you arrive in Loikaw, check into your hotel and relax to avoid the afternoon heat.  In the evening you will walk to the Taung Kwe Hilly Pagoda which has nine peaks on nine broken hills. Pagodas rest on each of the nine hills.  From the top, you will be able to view the entire city while enjoining the view of the setting sun on the top of the pagoda.


Overnight: Hotel in Loikaw, Myanmar


Day (4) Visit ‘Long Neck Tribe’ Villages ( B/L ) 


Leave the hotel after having breakfast for a day-long trip to visit the Kayan Tribe’s ‘long neck’ villages. Your first stop is a visit to the Pan Pet Village the native village of long neck tribe. You will walk throughout the village watching and learning how the villagers create their handicrafts such as wood carving, bracelets, the weaving of scarves and bamboo weaving. Following this, you will be served lunch in the village, before continuing to the next village of Hta Nee La Leh. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the village to visit houses, have conversations with locals, to learn and understand more about their lives.   

After a full day of touring, we will return to your hotel to freshen up before leaving for dinner in town. 


Overnight: Hotel in Loikaw, Myanmar


Day (5)  Loikaw to Inlay Lake by Boat ( B / L ) 


Leave the hotel in the morning and head to the local market for a quick look before leaving Loikaw. We will drive for 45 minutes to the Phekon boat jetty and take a boat to Inle Lake.

Inle Lake is known as the gateway of the southern Shan State. The boat ride will last 4 hours, with stops along the way to visit individual villages, and religious sites, while enjoying the views along the way. 

Once you reach Inlay Lake settle into your hotel to relax and avoid the afternoon heat. In the evening you will be visiting a local winery by bicycle. Note: a visit to the winery depends on the time we arrive in Inle.  


Overnight: Hotel in Inle, Myanmar


Day (6) Full-day Touring Inle Lake ( B / L ) 


Leave the hotel early in the morning to take part in a colorful market where multi-ethnic tribes sell and buy farm products. It’s unlike other markets because of the diversity of the ethnic tribes. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the bright colors of the clothing and capture the variety of food offerings.   

After this market visit, drive through the ‘Floating Gardens’ and villages to see local products of Inle such as sliver workshops, blacksmiths, lotus plant weaving and fabrics used by local dressmakers.

Once you have met the tribes, tasted the foods, examined the art and craft work, be ready to drive, via boat, through the floating gardens and villages to see how people live on the water. You will also have time to purchase Inle local products at the silver workshops, blacksmith, lotus weaving, silk weaving and much more. You will have fun deciding which is more beautiful or unique from item to item. 

After your full morning of activities, lunch will take place followed by a visit to the important temple Phaung Daw U Pagoda. Here you will view five Buddha images that have been heavily gilded in gold by multiple pilgrimages. There is a local saying which states, ‘A trip to Inle Lake is not complete unless you visit the Phaung Daw U Pagoda’ and this is true.  

Following the pagoda, you will re-embark to your boat which will recap the activities you had earlier in the day. But you will have a new stop: the Nga Phe Kyaung Wooden Monastery also known as Jumping Cat Monastery. This is where you will see the most impressive Buddha images from the 11th and 18th centuries.  As you disembark your boat into the monastery you will quickly learn how the monastery acquired its name. Once done, you will then proceed to your hotel and have a relaxing dinner at your hotel.    

Overnight: Hotel in Inle Lake, Myanmar


Day (7) Visit a Local School & Fly to Bagan.


Before leaving Inlay Lake you will visit a local school on a bicycle. You will have fun biking, as it will allow you to take the backroads. Because the school is far from town, it does not receive much attention and struggles to give poor children access to education. When there you will have a conversation with the headmaster and have a chance to interact with the children. They will love the opportunity to try their English with you or recite their multiplication tables with you.

After this visit, return to your hotel to pack up and take a quick shower, before driving to Heho airport to fly to the city of Bagan.

After landing ion Bagan’s Nyaung Oo Airport we will drive to a hill where you can watch the sun setting with a backdrop of 3000 temples. Bagan is the most magical and impressive point in Myanmar. Here you will visit the most impressive temples (not all  3000 temples) which were built in the 10th to late 13th centuries. All of the temples sit within 16 sq km and is known as the Bagan Archaeological Area.      

Overnight: Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar


Day (8) Full-day touring in Bagan ( B / L ) 

  Wake up early, have breakfast, then head out to visit Nyaung U Market the largest market in Bagan. This is the market where you can interact with resident villagers, ask them about their goods, their families and let them ask questions about you. This market is famous for selling and buying fresh foods of all types, as well as, handicrafts and a host of cultural items. It’s a great place to see the local color of Myanmar’s livelihood and purchase items to bring home with you.   Afterward touring the market, you will visit Shwe Gu Orphanage were more than a hundred children live and receive their education. The children, mostly young, come from every part of the country. You will have a conversation with the founder of the orphanage and have lunch with the children. This will offer you an opportunity to see a sea of beautiful smiles which the children all have. After this full morning, you will return back to your hotel to relax till the evening when you will be taken to the Ayeya boat jetty. Here you will enjoy a private boat ride on the Irrawaddy River, the country’s strong and powerful river, and watch the evening’s sunset on the river’s water. Afterward, dinner will be served while enjoying a Burmese local show.        

Overnight: Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar 


Day (9)  Bagan to Mandalay by Boat ( B / L ) 


Leave the hotel around 6 am in the morning to catch a boat on the powerful Irrawaddy River to reach the city of Mandalay. The boat ride will take approximately 6.5 hours and promises to be one of your most memorable activities while in Myanmar. During this trip, you will see how the mighty river influences the daily lives of many people who fish, wash their clothes on the rocks along the river bed, bath, gather water and depend on the river to sustain their farms. Hundred of water buffalos, cows other animals and will stop as you drift by, lifting their heads slowly to watch you. In addition, the scenery along the river will help you imagine the history of Myanmar, it’s political strife, commerce and everyday livelihoods of villagers. Lunch and coffee will be serviced on the boat.

Expect to reach Mandalay in the early evening. Once we arrive in Mandalay you will check into your hotel, freshen up, go swimming or enjoy a relaxing dinner at the hotel.


Overnight: Hotel in Mandalay, Myanmar


Day (10)  Full-day Touring of a Village ( B/L ) 

    After having a restful night’s sleep and morning breakfast, you will have a two-hour drive out of Mandalay to visit country villages. You will stop at a local market to gather a few food items to offer to older villagers who can no longer work in the fields, and purchase several school supplies for the children who attend school to help them with their education. These gifts are very modest, but mean much to the receivers. It is a gift that brings smiles, laughter and sometimes tears of joy. After reaching the village you will be welcomed into a private home, allowing you to begin to understand what it feels to be a villager. You will visit with grandmothers, mothers/fathers, children, from all walks of life who have lived in this village they’re entire life. It is this part of the trip that will be most personal as you will be treated humbly and graciously by the family. Village families are honored to meet foreign guests and often guests and families form a bond. While visiting a family home you will have lunch then go to visit the village school. Depending on the school and grade level you will visit with teachers, students and have a chance to understand the privilege of having an education.  It is in the school rooms that you will meet with shy children who giggle when you ask them their name or practice their English with you.  Optional: After visiting the school you have a chance to travel by ox cart or by foot, to explore the farmers’ crop plantations, understand how the farmer cares for his crops and how it is sold at market. After observing the livelihoods of families in the village, say goodbye and continue to the ancient city of Amarapura to see the World longest teakwood bridge called U Bein. Walk the bridge for 1.2 km and once you reach at the end, jump onto your private boat watching for the sunset as you return to your hotel and dinner.     

Overnight: Hotel in Mandalay, Myanmar


Day (11) Fly home ( B ) 

  There is a saying: All good things come to an end. And so we at Immersive Golden Land Travels must say ‘Tar Tar’ which is goodbye in Burmese. After breakfast, you will be driven to the Mandalay International Airport. At the airport, we will assist you with documents and ensure you all is set for a relaxing flight. If anyone on the program would like to remain on your own in Myanmar or would like to travel to other countries in South East Asia we are happy to help and/or advise you with any questions or needs you might have.

Program Includes

  • Accommodation of 3 star hotel for 10 nights
  • Breakfast & lunch includes daily and dinner includes as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • All entrance fees as list in the itinerary
  • Costs for all ground transportation as list in the itinerary
  • Costs for all activities as list in the itinerary
  • Full time tour guide

Program Excludes

  • International airfares
  • Domestic Airfares
  • Visa Fee
  • Travel Insurance
  • Soft drinks & Alcohol
  • Personal expenses such as phone bill, laundry, snack, tips and so on
  • Things are not listed at “program includes”

Note: Our goal is to provide you with the most rewarding experience as we outlined for the daily activities and times in the itinerary but Immersive Golden Land Co,.Ltd reserve the right to cancel your program or alteration activities and program can be substituted for your safety reason vary due to unpredictable weather and local circumstances.


Terms & Conditions


Rate: All rates at IGL are non commissionable, and they are already included 10% service charge & 5% of government tax.


Payment: IGL requests prepayment for all bookings. Full payment needs to be made 30 days before the programs start.


Child Policy: IGL provides 100% Free Of Charge (FOC) for child under the age of 2. And we charge 75% for child (usually under the age of 8) who could stay with parents sharing a bed for accommodation.


Complimentary: IGL provides 1 FOC to a program leader for a group of minimum 15 Pax.


Cancellation & No show: Cancellation must be made 30 days before the programs start, otherwise IGL has the right to charge cancellation as follow;

1). Within 30 – 15 days, before the program start, would be charged 25%

2). Within 14 – 8 days, before the program start, would be charged 50%

3). Within 7 days, before the program start, would be charged 100%

4). No show would be charged 100%


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